Online Training Package -CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE to new clients

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Online Training Package -CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE to new clients

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Online Training is the perfect solution for those who know their way around a gym but maybe find their progress has stalled. Perhaps cookie-cutter magazine/ website workouts are not giving the desired results?

Online Training works out around about the same cost as a single 1 on 1 Personal Training session but instead offers you a months worth of training programs and dedicated support.

Online training includes:

  • Initial consult can be arranged in person or virtual (Skype)
  • Workouts periodised into training blocks of 4-6 weeks. Progressed and Personalised to your goals and ability, easy to follow on your smart phone/ tablet in the gym.
  • Meal Generator to take all the guess work out of eating well. Included is my Nutrition Basics and Tips E-book completely FREE. Consistent feedback via an online food diary is optional and can enable a smoother transition and sustainable change. 
  • Constant email, phone, whatsapp and/or skype support when necessary.
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