2015 is upon us! For the next few weeks the gym will be rammed with all the new additional New-Year resolutionists embarking on their quests for change. I commend them. However the few weeks will be just that. Few.

If you've made improving your health and fitness a goal for 2015 -Don't bite off more than you can chew. No that isn't diet advice (sorry, bad pun). Over committing yourself to a fitness goal in the short term will often result in failing that goal if its structure is unsustainable within your lifestyle.  Even worse, that failure can end up disheartening you, leading you to fear or resent similar goals you set in the future.

Something to keep in the back of your mind is  "You never really fail, if you never give up."

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of keeping your eye on the end goal and being sure to allow for the erratic disruptions of 'Life' into any diet and fitness related plan. You can read about that here in my Blog on David Webb.

 Ben Coomber Radio

Ben Coomber Radio

With perfect coincidence Ben Coomber - a guy I greatly respect in this industry- released his Christmas podcast discussing similar issues. Its a great motivator and why its one of my Pick of the Podcasts for this time of year. It is episode 117 of his Podcast: Big Change- Back to basics. Download it and get your learn on.

Remember, all podcasts are free to download and make great commuting companions so theres no reason not too really. Ben also holds a spot in my prestigious 'Top 5 Podcast Channels Ever' list so be sure to have a listen to more of his 117 episodes if you like this one. 

One point to finish on is that a 'Dry January' -abstaining from alcohol for the month of January (or what's left of it) is a great addition to a new health and fitness goal. Not only does it give you time to detoxify your liver and improve your health, but it free's up some time to get active. Time you would otherwise spend drinking, or hung over. It will also save you a decent amount of coin that you can put into the new goal (gym membership, a decent health supplement etc).

Check out all episodes of my Pick of The Podcasts here, if you want more advice on improving your health in 2015.