By now i'm sure you've all seen a number of rather humorous Youtube clips about the public perception of what 'Gluten' is. Most notably is this scene from Seth Rogans 'This is the End'
Its pretty good comedy.

However, this video is more of a head-in-hands kind of cringe moment. 

Its scary to think that a huge proportion of people who follow a 'Gluten Free diet', may not know what gluten actually is and why/how it may affect them.  Last weeks Podcast (Here) I explained the importance in taking the time to UNDERSTAND the principles and practises that influence your health if you decide to adopt those principles or practises. This situation is a perfect example. 

When I start a new client on a nutrition plan, almost all the plans are gluten free.
This is because I start every one on a basic Paleo diet template which is naturally gluten free and void of processed crap.
Its a logical starting point, and because I understand the WHY.

Like a 'Gluten-free diet', the 'Paleo diet' is and always should be viewed as a starting point, NOT a destination. We all want to live and function at our best with the least amount of barriers right? Learning about your unique nutritional barriers should be part of your journey to better living.

There is now widespread evidence that you don't have Coeliac disease (a severe autoimmune response to gluten) to have some sort of mild or moderate reaction to it.
I advise everyone to try a gluten free diet at least once in their life as part of the self-health discovery process. But first you must know the WHY.

Past, present of future gluten free-ers, get your learn on here.

This weeks podcast is again Josh and Chuck from STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW.  I've chosen these guys again because of how awesome their entry level information is for topics such as this.

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