Hear what the best of the best have to say about diets, fitness, psychology and more. This page is where I share my personal favourite pod-casts from leading health experts and specialists from the health, fitness and nutrition sphere.

Forget trying to read a book on a crowded tube during your commute to and from work. Or listening to the same 4 songs on high rotation on the car radio.

Make your mornings and afternoons way more productive and make some serious knowledge-gains by mainlining my top picks from the world of podcasts straight to your brain. 

Become a know-it-all and annoy your work colleagues with your infinite knowledge of everything health, fitness and nutrition related.

When Podcasts came along, they really opened up such a huge opportunity for me to be more productive and utilise so much more of my (otherwise wasted) commuting time. I believe Podcasts are one of the best utilisations of technology in the past decade. 

Listen to the regular Podcasts I recommend and I will guarantee you'll be learning valuable info within minutes of any one of the recommended podcasts. Im so sure of this fact, I would offer you a money back guarantee but unfortunately I can't. Why?
Because all podcasts are completely FREE and always have been! If you've yet to delve into the world of podcasts, where have you been?? 

Hit up iTunes and you'll find a smorgasbord of podcast at your perusal. Or better yet, just follow this pod-blog and its links to find most informative and refined episodes from the health and fitness world.

The aim of these recommended Podcasts I'll be posting, is to help you on your journey to better health by guiding you towards really useful information that is easy to digest – pun intended!
Even if just ONE of you becomes inspired or benefits from listening to any of these podcasts then I'll deem it as a success –  just as I'm sure each of my favourite Podcasters I post about would (For the record, cumulatively they have helped hundreds of thousands, if not well over a million people, to improve their health and performance through the information they present).