Myofascial specialist

Myofascial Release (or MFR) is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of the 'fascia'; a single continuous web type structure that envelops all our muscles, organs, neural system, and skeletal muscle from head to toe. Adhesions and immobility anywhere in the fascia can create pain and/or restrictions at the site of injury as well as adjacent areas throughout the body. Athletes and all other active populations benefit tremendously from this type of treatment. It helps to maintain/improve mobility, strength and better blood circulation through the muscle and fascial system.
Those who find themselves in sustained postures for long periods of time (office workers) also develop restrictions in the fascia over time and find huge relief from (myo)fascial release therapy. 

what you can expect

Along with the importance of maintaining fascial mobility and integrity, my experience and growth as a Physio has led me to favour active forms of rehabilitation to treat injuries and return normal function.
Move more, Feel better.
This form of rehabilitation is by far the most effective because it teaches your body to adapt and strengthen for the long term, decreasing the likelihood of future injuries. I also use a number of manual therapy techniques to optimise movement and facilitate postural change.



Myofascial Release Therapy
(Includes Instrument assisted techniques)

Postural Correction

Movement Correction

Joint Mobilisation

Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Release

Westernised Accupuncture

Clinic Location


Pestle and Mortar
211-213 Kensington High St, 
London W8 6BD



Initial consultations and 1 hour follow up appointments are £100.

Home visit rates start at £120/ hour* 
*however rates may vary depending on the area. 

Clinic Location


Bulgari Hotel
171 Knightsbridge
London SW7 1DW


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