TRAINING, NUTRITION and HEALTH. All in one Package

My Online Coaching Programs are designed to guide clients towards optimal health. Looking awesome and feeling great is just a fortunate consequence of the journey.
The coaching packages are well suited to people with challenging schedules when1 to 1 personal training sessions would be too irregular. The programs are most effective for individuals who know their way around a gym, are able to stick to a plan and able to push themselves when training solo.
Programs can be created to suit any motivated individual at any fitness level and each program is personally tailored to the individual.
If you have followed your own training plans in the past or tried programs lifted from magazines multiple times but never really been satisfied with the progress or outcomes of either then my Online Coaching is for you.

The Online Coaching also is outstanding value as the monthly fee is little more than the cost of a single 1 on 1 Personal Training session. Great for a restricted budget. 

Online training includes:

  • Initial consult in person or virtual
  • Workouts periodised into training blocks of around 4-6 weeks. (dependent on consistency of the client to the program).
  • Each Program and each progressive protocol of training is personalised and specific to your goals and ability. They are also easy to follow and record within an App on your smart phone/ tablet that you use in the gym. The App updates me immediately each day on completion of each session. 
  • Fail-safe MEAL GENERATOR. Which is accompanied by my Nutrition Basics and Tips E-book completely FREE. Consistent feedback on any nutrition concerns you may have are also included for the full month. 
  • Constant email, phone and/or skype support whenever necessary whether it is Training, Nutrition or just Life related!

Brand new format:

  • Now includes my new FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN combined in a virtual consult, allowing more specialisation of the program to address any postural issues and/or muscle balances you may have. ESSENTIAL for progressing your fitness level in harmony with your body.

The Online initial set up and assessment is completely FREE. £100 covers your first month training and nutrition. Following the assessment (online or in person) and upon receiving your first payment, I will get to work on your programs and we will get started within the following 3 days!.

Cost is then £100 per month onwards.