The most frequently debated and murky aspect of the health and fitness industry. Let me help you sift through the dogma and polarised views of nutrition in the media today and find a way to optimise your diet. My definition of diet is  'a persons habitual food choices throughout a lifetime'. I do not advise on 'diets' that are structured toward short term drastic weight loss. I always incorporate nutrition and meal planning into any Personal Training program but am happy to consult you on nutrition alone if requested.


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Nutrition blog

The truth about meat and how to spot bad science

A few weeks ago the media was awash with the latest 'Eat meat and DIE" propaganda.

While its true you should always care about the quality of the meat you eat, blanket claims about meat causing cancer is sensationalist media at its finest. Remember;

The Big Fat lie - a summary

This short video is a really good summary of how saturated fat was initially demonised (for the purpose of profit for a few) and consequently lead to world health taking a huge dive for the following decades.

What's the deal with Enzymes?

All REAL foods have their own self destructive sequence written into them and it is all augmented by these enzymes within them.