I think things are getting better. Slowly.  It seems products like coconut oil, coconut milk and bone (marrow) broths are being embraced by more and more people everyday which can only mean the fear of healthy dietary fats is slowly dying. Its about time. Occasionally however, I come across articles shared on social media or TV documentaries / commercials that state something a long the lines of
"Product A contains no saturated fat, so its good for your health.." - Mo Farrah's commercial for the chemical-sh*t-storm that is Quorn springs to mind. 

This short video is a really good summary of how saturated fat was initially demonised (for the purpose of profit for a few) and consequently lead to world health taking a huge dive for the following decades.
The 1970's recommended nutritional guidelines and Government policy that resulted (and that are shockingly still around today thanks to Dietetic associations and Heart foundations reliance on government funding) is all based on incredibly poor and misleading science. In fact, lets call it misleading information. It doesn't even deserve to be titled 'science'.

FYI: Saturated fat -and Cholesterol- is VITAL for optimal health. Its what your body needs to manufacture hormones, cell walls and maintain neurological health.