Health and Nutrition expert Patrick Holford made this incredibly cool illustrated video about the ill's of pill's. Check it out.

This quote could not summarise the content any better:

"Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one feels thirsty, or forging weapons after the war has already begun". —HUANGDI NEIJING, 2ND CENTURY BC

Side rant: 

The video shows just how bad our dependency is on this 'illness culture' we seem to embrace. The 'illness culture' is best described as a 'pill for every ill' mentality. Examples are

  • not changing poor nutritional or drinking habits and little concern for the resulting heart disease, obesity and hormonal imbalances because a quick visit to the doctor to get medicated when when deemed necessary is far easier and much less to worry about.
  • Why exercise or eat healthier to shed excess body fat? They will have a pill for that sooner or later, or some other unnatural short term diet plan right? And that is way less effort.

The alternative; a 'wellness culture', is geared towards more education and prevention. Paying more attention to good health to begin with rather than relying on a fail-safe or quick fix. Not only would it send big profit driven Pharma companies broke, it would cost us all as tax payers far less for services such as the NHS, and best of all, we would all live longer and more fulfilling lives.