Its really easy to shrug documentaries like this off just because they're based in and deal with an American population. I used to.  It is true our U.S. friends have it worse off but we should be learning from them as much as we can, not ignoring reports like this because it only affects people in a distant land.

Think of them as our canary down the mine, a look into the future if you will. Never assume that their health crisis is a result of them being lazy individuals or an inactive nation. We are made of the exact same stuff as they are, we're programmed exactly the same, and we are hormonally and biologically as vulnerable to temptation. 

What is the difference between the USA and the rest of the world then?
They have endured the revenue-driven sinister attack of the food industry and big pharma companies for longer than we have. That is all it is.

It is an attack from all all angles. It is everywhere we look 24-7. It has its hooks in established social pressures, it engineers the mis-information we recieve from 'influenced' higher powers (read: politicians), the very same people that dictate our education! It coerces our young and worse of all its an attack on our biology and function.

It IS a biological weapon that has completely steam rolled us as a species and yet even today we are still powerless in demanding change and better regulation. 

No I haven't lost my marbles and I'm not scaremongering- check out the vid for yourself.

NB: If eating was a sport, a huge proportion of politicians home and abroad would be guilty of match-fixing and set to do time.

We can only dream i guess.