Bio-hacking, life-hacking, coffee-hacking;   I've decided to jump on the '-Hacking' band wagon and talk about X-Hacking. Its basically a way of upgrading your body and health to emulate some of the best X-men.

The public appeal for Xmen in comics as well as film in TV is that everybody can familiarise with at least one of the varied the characters and their unique struggle as a subplot. Marvel has done really well devoting time to character development and history within the X-Men franchise to allow this connection to grow and thrive.... Fortunately I'm not going to dissect and evaluate each characters issues, I'm just going to tell you how to be almost as awesome as them by X-hacking you health.

Professor X, Jean Grey / Phoenix

No tips here on their telekinetic abilities sorry people, if it were a trainable skill I would've written a article about using the Force or 'How Yoda, you can become' ages ago.

There are other ways to boost your brain and mental abilities to get close to that of Prof X or Jean Grey however, enter: Lumosity.

It's an App, (with a free version), that is basically like personal training for you brain. It is set out like a game format, and although it can be incredibly frustrating at times it is also way fun and way addictive. Perfect for commutes to work or whenever you have 3-5 minutes spare. Train daily.

Nutritionally you can cover the brain boosting bases with:

  • Regular intake of wild caught oily fish and coconut oil and/or 2-3 grams of high quality >70% omega 3 fish oil capsules.
  • Broccoli for its cognitive enhancing vitamin K and vitamin E which may delay the progression of Alzheimer's.
  •  All types of meats. They contain high levels of vitamin B12 which helps the formation of myelin sheaths around your nerves. Myelin basically acts as insulation of those fibres keeping them protected and of course fast! Vegetarians and Vegans should definitely be supplementing with this vitamin.
  • Nuts, Seeds and dark leafy Greens are a must for magnesium intake. It protects the brain from neurotoxins. Cooked and Processed foods lose a lot of their magnesium which is why it is one of the most common mineral deficiencies.


I can't bio-hack you the ability to walk or run through walls, so Kitty Pryde is out. Nor are you going to be able to shapeshift in and out of blue body paint like Mystique after reading this article. 

What I can do is run with Mystique's message about being comfortable in your own skin, and hey to always 'Be yourself, not who everybody wants you to be' and all that jazz. Now don't get me wrong that isn't crap advice, it is a really important. It's just that I get fed up with our somewhat acceptance of illness -pill for every ill- culture that is directly linked to atrocious nutrition and health choices every day and results in many people being depressed and unhappy about their body image.

Governments, the WHO (World Health Organisation), the FDA etc all deserve their huge proportion of blame for allowing human- (and mutant) kind to venture so far down this road over the past few decades, but guess what? They aren’t going to change anytime soon, so it’s actually an inefficient use of energy to blame them but do nothing about it yourself.

If you are not happy with something, change it!

Most – not all – but most people that are not totally happy with their health or resulting body image are quite simply just not willing to do what is necessary. Many end up trying every fad quick-fix diet available (read: Herbal Life, or fruit juice only detox diets) that leave them metabolically worse off than when they started.

Instead, life-long beneficial and sustainable dietary habits are the only solution.

Another all too common occurrence that never ceases to amaze me is the assumption that every single diet/training/lifestyle guide that exists has an area of invisible small-print at the bottom of the last page stating that weekends exist in an alternate universe and therefore nothing done (or not done), consumed, or drunk in those 2 days will affect the effectiveness of the current regime.

Change requires consistency and lasting change takes LASTING CONSISTENCY. If one finds justification in blaming work, or genes, or bad parenting or any other external factors as a means to find acceptance of their body image then so be it. We all have this one body and one chance at life and it is impossible to know what is possible without trying. REALLY trying.

Stay tuned for part II...

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