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Tim Blakey has more than 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, but his admiration for the human body and love of movement began at an early age.

A keen sportsman from early on, this passion is what initially drew him to attaining a degree in Physiotherapy. Through working with high level athletes and sports teams throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific as a physiotherapist he also discovered his passion for strength training and nutrition and its importance in everyday life.

Since moving to London 12 years ago he widened this passion and his knowledge base into the areas of strength training and nutrition. With the addition of these to his skill set, he not only helps people improve on muscle imbalances and postural issues, but can also guide people to achieve excellent aesthetic goals, long term fat loss, muscle gain and/or an improved overall fitness level. Tim's experience in the UK is extensive, and includes working and travelling with some of the worlds most successful CEO's, business men and women, and heads of state. He has looked after international level sportsmen in the past and spent time working with QPR, a Premier-League football club .

To compliment his Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, Tim has acquired certification in specialised areas such as Dynamic Movement Screening and Myofascial Release Techniques. He is PICP levels 1&2 certified by the Poliquin Strength Institute and is certified in Precision Nutrition’s renowned ‘The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition'. 

As well as director of Fitness & Function and creator of PR1MEBODY, Tim Blakey is also a Senior Performance Specialist at Workshop Gymnasium located at the Bulgari Hotel where he works alongside an elite team of Health and Fitness professionals.

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