My philosophy is simple. A healthy body and mind are achieved when you are guided by 3 main principles: How does what you are doing make you Look, Feel and Perform?  Make change, reassess, and repeat.

This means paying less attention to the number on the scales, and less attention on the calorie count of everything you put in your mouth. It means modifying unhealthy habits, postures and diets that have unfortunately become the norm in this day and age. Basically, regain the respect for our original design: Eat natural, sit less, be more active!

The nutritional dogma constantly pushed out by the media, and the conflicting views of the 'best and only' weight loss or muscle gaining strategies can become quite the minefield for many. Everybody is different and will often require slightly different methods to achieve their goals. Using my knowledge of physiotherapy, fitness and nutrition my strategy revolves around helping you:

  • Improve overall daily function of your body through movement.

  • Achieve and dominate any fitness or physique related goals year after year and consistently progress them.

  • Increase your confidence in front the mirror- Basically, look good naked!

Optimising how you Look, Feel and Perform will upgrade your life in every aspect. It makes sense right? Your body is the most important asset you will ever own. You will only ever have the one, and it is what will carry you through all of lives ups and downs. Treat it right, and you are in for a smoother ride.