1–1 training


Whether your goals are weight loss, weight management, postural correction, muscle gain (hypertrophy), strength training, cardiovascular fitness and of course, stress relief! I offer 1 to 1 training in and around Kensington, London, or in your home.

Measured success

Your first session will include a Muscle-Balance Assessment, Postural Analysis, Corrective exercises to combine into your training and Body-Composition testing when appropriate.



No matter how big or small your goals are, there's never a better time to get started than right now.

I am currently only accepting new clients for 1-1 training who live in London. However online training can take place via phone call, email and skype, and I accommodate online clients from all over the world via PR1MEBODY .

Feel free to ask me more questions using the button below and we can consult over email.


Transformations achieved with a combination of Tim's PR1MEBODY 12 week plan


ONLINE coaching

 Head over to www.PR1MEBODY.com
to try my latest and updated platform of ONLINE TRAINING

Training. Nutrition. Health.
The All in one package

My Online Coaching Programs are designed to guide you to optimal health. Getting into the best shape of your life and feeling incredible are just fortunate side effects!

If you have followed your own training plans in the past or tried programs lifted from magazines multiple times but never really been satisfied with the outcome. Then PR1MEBODY is for you. 


Multiple packages available

For just a little more than the cost of a single 1–1 Training session, PR1MEBODY  represents outstanding value.

All of your programs are easily accessed and tracked through an App we both have access to provided there is wifi or 3G/4G. Follow and record each workout on your smart phone or tablet. The app then updates me immediately once your have completed each session. 

Nutrition Training
Along with your training programs you will also receive the PR1MEBODY nutrition guides. Phases 1 & 2, each providing 6 weeks or more of healthy eating. 
With thousands of possible ingredient combinations, your training nutrition promises to not only be varied but tasty as well.

Throughout your PR1MEBODY training APP I will be available for  support whenever necessary whether it is Training, Nutrition or just Life related!